PWP | A Digital Media Agency is committed to keeping it simple. Our goal is to provide innovative products and unparalleled results, allowing us to consistently place our clientele’s practice in front of the right patient, all of the time. When a prospective patient is performing a search, one of 2 things happens. They find your practice. Or they find your competition. Whether they are researching, shopping the competition or ready to book a consult, having constant presence is crucial.

In such a competitive marketplace, it is imperative that businesses scrutinize their advertising budgets to ensure that they are making a sound fiscal decision. We believe the best ROI is to get in front of patients that are actually searching for cosmetic procedures your practice specializes in. It is time to capitalize on converting patients not only when they are searching but most importantly when they are ready to book their consult.

How we do it is really simple. We have a quick discovery meeting to see where you are at now, and where you want to be in 6 months to a year. We strategize how to make that happen and do it in a way where we work with your budget. We first look at your website. Is it as good as it can be? Does it speak to your patient in a way that will help them choose your practice (over your competitors’ practice)? Once we drive them to your site will traffic convert to calls? And will calls convert to patients? This is a key part of what we try and accomplish in this discovery phase. Then we look at what you are doing to drive awareness and leads to your website. Are you advertising? Are you using search campaigns? Are they working? What can we do increase that traffic?

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